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FDA Pet Food and Products Warnings

Did you know the FDA also offers warnings for pet food products? This is important to keep in mind when buying products for your pet. If you are unsure about what to buy, we suggest you consult your vet before introducing your pet to anything new.

A great resource to keep up with pet food and product recalls and alerts is The American Veterinary Medical Association Blog, which can be found here.

Here is a current FDA warning on topical flurbiprofen creams from dvm360.com staff:

FDA warning to pet owners, veterinarians of NSAID toxicity from use of topical flurbiprofen (Ansaid)

The FDA has issued a warning that even very small amounts of topical pain medication containing the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) flurbiprofen can cause illness and death in pets.

The FDA says it has received reports of cats in two households that became ill or died after their owners used topical medications containing flurbiprofen. "The pet owners had applied the cream or lotion to their own neck or feet, and not directly to the pet, and it is not known exactly how the cats became exposed to the medication," the FDA states in a release.

Please take precautions with flurbiprofen medications, the FDA says. It recommends that pet owners do the following to prevent or reduce pet exposure:

- Store all medications safely out of the reach of pets.

- Safely discard or clean any cloth or applicator that may retain medication and avoid leaving any residues of the medication on clothing, carpeting or furniture.

- Consult your healthcare provider on whether it is appropriate to cover the treated area.

- If you are using topical medications containing flurbiprofen and your pet becomes exposed, bathe or clean your pet as thoroughly as possible and consult a veterinarian.

- If your pet shows signs such as lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting or other illness, seek veterinary care for your pet and be sure to provide the details of the exposure.

The FDA has not received reports of dogs or other pets becoming sick in relation to the use of topical pain medications containing flurbiprofen; however, these animals may also be vulnerable to NSAID toxicity after being exposed to these medications.

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