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Lacy: In Recovery

IMG_3702We have the pleasure of working with various rescue groups to bring rescued pets the care and health they deserve. We work with German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County quite a bit and they recently brought in a pup, named Lacy, who had to go through heart surgery. Her condition was pretty advanced and we were so glad to be here for Lacy to help get her healthy again. She is currently in recovery and on the road to living a happy and healthy life. Read more from GRSOC and our vets here:

From Dr. Fahie:

"She had a PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) with secondary left sided congestive heart failure in the early stages. That means her condition was pretty advanced by the time GSR and we got her. Dr. Brewer did her echo for diagnosis and she started on medications for her heart. Her surgery actually went very well.IMG_3703I was worried she might not do well, because of the progression of her disease. Her surgery was ligation of her PDA via a left 4th thoracotomy. After surgery she initially still had a loud heart murmur due to the changes in the overloaded left side of her heart, but over the first few days after surgery and continuing her medications, it's almost resolved. She might still need heart medications throughout her life but boy she was a little tough fighter!"

Update from German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County:

"Hi! It's me, Lacy! I was the puppy that needed heart surgery to survive. Remember? Well, I had my surgery and am recuperating with a really nice GSROC foster family. I have to rest, so I stay in my crate a lot while I get better. My foster mom also makes sure I get fresh air, so she lets me enjoy the sunshine outside too... she does a great job of watching over me! Thanks for all of your prayers and support!"

Lacy-11011281_10153436498604515_6233145661643257500_n Lacy-11401568_10153436498764515_2420216862723307793_n
Photos via German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County.

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