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Ricky Bobby Gets His First Pet Wheelchair


This is Ricky Bobby.  He's the absolute cutest! Everything was fine at first when his mom got him.  He could play, move and eat like a normal puppy.  But, somewhere after two months he started developing some health problems and slowly became a disabled pet. First he was limping and then it quickly turned serious.  Now, Ricky Bobby's bones in his front legs have deteriorated to the point where he can't support his own weight on his paws. He now rests on his wrists to support himself when standing and his legs have become deformed. It's clear he needs a pet wheelchair.

photo-sep-20-10-17-34-amBecause of this, Ricky Bobby has lost his mobility and has difficulty getting around. Due to the long period of immobility, his hind leg muscles have also slowly atrophied over time as well. It's so sad to see him be handicapped, because Ricky Bobby is the most curious playful pup and loves playing with other dogs and making friends. Thankfully, he has an awesome mom and she's been bringing him to us.

Ricky Bobby also has a super awesome uncle that introduced him to Stan. Stan was able to build Ricky Bobby a custom made pet wheelchair within a matter of days! Everyone at YRAH is so touched by the story and rooting for Ricky Bobby. Here he is trying out his pet wheelchair for the final fitting. These are Ricky Bobby's first steps using his new pet wheelchair custom built for him. He's a little unstable at first, but after he builds up some muscle in his hind legs and some practice using his new pet wheelchair, he'll be able to speed around just like the character he's named after!

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