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Why Revolution?

Why Revolution? - Yorba Regional Animal Hospital - Anaheim, CARevolution is the parasite prevention topical solution Yorba recommends to keep you pet happy, healthy and safe from unwanted parasites. Prevention is the easiest solution, since most parasite cases can rapidly turn into an infestation of your home.

This is not your typical topical.

Revolution is the only FDA approved broad spectrum, low volume topical flea medicine. This means it is systemically absorbed and considered a drug, which means it needs to be prescribed by your vet.

Here are a few highlights that make this product the best on the market:

- since it is systemically absorbed it does not just sit on the skin, it is absorbed into your pet's system and cannot be washed off

IMG_2719- it works internal to external, meaning it takes care of any parasites internally before moving through the system to take care of any external parasites

- there is no separation necessary from children and other pets when topical solution isĀ applied and it only take a few hours to absorb

Revolution not only addresses adult fleas (the most visible parasite), but it also takes care of flea eggs, heartworm (which can effect both cats an dogs), ear mites, sarcoptic mange and American dod tick infestations.

Our local Revolution representative came out this week to educate new staff on parasites that effect our pets and how Revolution can help.

Here is a great flyer from DVM360 on how your home can be a flea magnet:


Call Yorba today, at 714-921-8700, to learn more about Revolution and how you can prevent parasites in your home.

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